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Unleashing the full high-performance value proposition requires close collaboration with software, hardware, and game developers…the results Oxide have achieved show impressive gains.

Jim Anderson

SVP Computing and Graphics, AMD

There’s still hope for your eight-core CPU. The second test I ran was the recently released Ashes of   the Singularity Beta II test. The upcoming game is a showcase of DirectX 12’s capabilities, such as being able to use a GeForce alongside a Radeon card. It’s also a multi-threading wonder.

Gordon Mah

Executive Editor, PC World

As a game, Ashes of the Singularity is really the perfect showcase for DirectX 12.

Igor Wallossek

Senior Hardware Editor, Tom's Hardware

In Oxide’s case, Ashes is ahead of the curve in several ways. Along with utilizing DX12’s more fundamental multi-threading capabilities, it’s also been pushing the envelope on features such as asynchronous shading/compute and multi-GPU support. In fact both the DirectX team and Oxide were surprised with just how well the latter worked at this early stage.

Ryan Smith

Editor in Chief, AnandTech