DirectX 12 FAQ

Q. What is DirectX 12?
A. “DirectX” is the name that Microsoft uses to refer to application programming interfaces (API) that it uses for multimedia and video applications. DirectX 12 is the newest iteration of the program. DirectX 12 works on a low level, which means that it has access to more hardware options than its predecessors. With its multi-adapter strategy, DirectX 12 allows developers to split processing duties between your main GPU and your CPU’s integrated graphics.
Q. So…translation, please?
A. DirectX 12 basically gives you more performance without having to swap out for new hardware. Trust us, it’s a good thing!
Q. Why DirectX 12?
A. DirectX 12 is going to open up so many additional possibilities for gaming, due to the kind of programs and processes that it’s able to support. With it, 4K video and gaming is a possibility that is closer to reality now. Its multi-adapter capabilities will let a PC’s primary video card bear the brunt of the heavy lifting while leaving the CPU graphics to do lighter work like post-processing. Features like this will allow for better looking games and allow for more impressive features to be woven in.
Q. Can you say that again, but in English?
A. What this means is more gigantic explosions without compromising your PC’s performance. More explosions = more awesome.
Q. Do I have to have DirectX 12 to run Nitrous or Oxide’s future games?
A. No, you don’t need DX12 to run our game. We’ve done an enormous amount of work on D3D11 and should provide a solid gaming experience. We won’t discontinue D3D11 while we have significant number of players who only have D3D11 available to them.
Q. You guys are losing me. What’s D3D11?
A. Direct3D is a library used to access the graphics card and perform the hardware-accelerated rendering that basically every modern game requires. It corresponds with each version of DirectX.
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