Posted on February 24, 2014 by Adam Biessener


Oxide partners Tim Kipp and Dan Baker are headed to the Game Developers Conference next month to give in-depth looks at the Nitrous engine alongside the two giants of gaming graphics hardware: AMD and Nvidia.

The first talk from Oxide’s Tim Kipp and Dan Baker will explain how to get the best use out of AMD’s Mantle API, with explanations of how the Nitrous engine achieves those goals:

Nitrous & Mantle: Combining Efficient Engine Design with a Modern API (Presented by AMD) – Wednesday, March 19,

The second discussion, with Nvidia director of developer technology Yury Uralsky joined by Oxide’s Dan Baker, will explain how modern multi-core CPUs and GPUs open up new ways of designing games for the latest generation of consoles and PCs:

DirectX Advancements in the Many-Core Era: Getting the Most out of the PC Platform (Presented by NVIDIA) – Thursday, March 20, 11:30am-12:30pm

Oxide’s mission is to push the boundaries of game development on every relevant platform. We’re thrilled to join partners like AMD and Nvidia on the stage to share our visions of what the future holds.

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