Posted on February 4, 2014 by Adam Biessener


We just deployed a new build of our Star Swarm stress test that significantly improves the demo’s performance using AMD’s Mantle API. We suggest that those of you interested in benchmarking and performance numbers re-run your Mantle scenarios; you may be surprised at the results.

Did we crack some secret code or find a crazy new optimization? No, nothing so spectacular. The truth is that we made a mistake in our haste to deploy the build that stripped out the activation process. We didn’t follow our normal release process, and missed how a minor change in that build had disabled some of the Nitrous engine’s multi-threading features when using Mantle. Unfortunately we didn’t notice that at first, as nobody was running Mantle last week due to the beta driver being delayed.

It’s all fixed now, so Mantle users should see a noticeable boost in performance on most configurations (this fix doesn’t have a huge effect on powerful-CPU/slow-GPU systems). We’ve also addressed the “gray screen” issue that was affecting some non-English Windows systems.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and feedback as we hunt down some of these hard-to-reach bugs for this alpha test of the Nitrous Engine.

Happy blasting! For more info, check out our Star Swarm FAQ, the official forums, and the Oxide Games Twitter page.

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